Christopher Niari

Newcastle native and North East local designer Christopher Niari, after years of offering made to order, bespoke gowns for Brides, Pageant Contestants and Drag Queens alike, has now proudly joined forces with DSL to offer a range of unique ready-to-wear outfits for Drag artists with fashion in mind; all made to fit female proportions but with torso and leg lengths designed to flatter and properly fit the male form, cutting out the need for Queens to have to seek out made to measure garments or having to just plain suck it up and deal with hemlines and waistlines sitting much higher than needed. Standard sizing for Drag Queens is finally here!
And as if Drag Queens weren’t exotic enough, Niari, under close collaboration with DSL, will also be launching a range of pole and dance wear, mixing practical and sexy with all the right support, helping to put DSL firmly in its place as the ONLY place to shop for your Drag, Pole and Dance needs!


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